Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping on words
You've got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here

Lifehouse - You and Me

Monday, December 15, 2008


Complicated soul,
Whats on your mind?
My interest, curiosity,
Concern leads to involvement,
Questions, Answers,
It all comes back to me

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back Home

Yea back home in Kl for already 2weeks+
Hanging out with Nick and Tracy most of da time, mamak-ing most of da nights
Met up with couple of other friends too
Been clubbing every week in MOS
Here are pics of some activities of me back home

Chronological order ( should be correct ) of first night in MOS
Notice my face colour as it changes


More shots with buddies

Trae and I

Old Buddies (extreme redness on our faces )

She looks scared.................(Hint : Red monster)

Passed out awhile on da couch -_- nicks gal going "Oh they have a monument in MOS!"


Got up looking pissed drunk with Nick

Gathering with old high school buddies

Kenyip, Angie and I


Yea shaved my head to a Mohawk (Side view)



Oxytocin, dejavu,
I could be trapped in it,
I may just flow with it,
May fall in the doldrums for you,
Worthy another history,
Locked in my head,
..Should i?

Monday, November 24, 2008


November has been the most hectic month for me this year. Exams ended on the 3rd, flew to Perth on the 7th, came back to Melbourne on the 26th and flew back to Malaysia on the 28th. It has also been a month of great experience for me during my trip in Perth, as my social life there was far different than what I expected and was before.
It was all about Perth on November. It was my plan to fly there since the middle of this year. The main reasons was to visit friends whom I knew very well during gaming but not in real life
(Yes it sounds like something dodgy but i trust these guys 99.9% that they wont turn out to be weirdos as i have their msn, facebook etc)

My first night was pretty welcoming. Andrew, Aaron and Chuen Yang waited and took me off from the airport after arriving. Had supper after, and met many new faces, whom im gonna spend my time with for the next few week. Drinking session at Manzy's was after supper, and her place had Mexican Tequila with a dead scorpion in the bottle. Nasty !
Spent the first 3 nights in manzy's house, accompanying her with chats and dota games. Had a great feast made by her housemate + her before the day she left to Brunei,
that feast was Leg of Lamb, mashed potatoes, juicy lettuces and some meatballs from Subway............ Yummy @.@

The people i spent my time with and met in Perth are mostly all Christians, and so i spent nearly everyday helping them in an activity called Student Bless. I crashed in Aarons house for the first week after sleeping in Manzy's, with a luxury of internet at his place :D
Chuens place was where i slept in the 2nd week with no internet :( Had fun adapting with it though, Then back at Aarons place again during the 3rd week.
I was brought around to a few places in Perth to visit in the first 2 weeks, while on the 3rd week is where the real fun began as some of my friends still had exams during the first 2 weeks after my arrival.
Paintball, ice-skating, rock climbing, and 2 brithday parties for the 3rd week, Hell lotsa fun!

I was disappointed though by someone whom i thought would be friendly and welcoming towards me, instead I was treated with hostility by this person. Signs of a cold look and a lack of speech towards me brought to my mind that this person has something against me. Well, he may feel threaten or uneasy for reasons only his mind would know. Though he was well-liked among people in that social group, his sole hostility towards me means something is very wrong with this person, as he could actually showed this defective attitude. He maybe a vile heart on the inside after all, judging from that behavior & my experience though i may not know him that well, which i thought i did. This person had a deep faith and always prayed to God, but it doesn't mean he is a good being. I believe no matter how holy or how much one believes in God, it doesn't mean that person is honest or sincere as mortals have the ability to decay, misinterpret teachings & behave the way they were influenced. Never had i such disappointment in a person i thought i knew. Thank the Lord for showing me what abhorrent beings i could meet in life.

Thats just one insignificant person.

I was happy for the hospitality and time some of these guys spent with me. Thanks Aaron, Chuen Yang and Jon for letting me stay over your place. Another thank you for Aaron and Jon for using their time to fetch and drive me around. Thanks YuMin for open-heartedly fetching me to the airport. Andrew, great to see you, but spent little time with you as u are always busy with studies, miss u buddy =(
Sorry Rylan, Skjon and Weisheng coz i cldnt meet up with u guys while i was there. We shall another time =)

& Here are some pics of my time in Perth:

All da way to da top

More rock climbing

Aarons 2oth birthday & farewell party

Amy & i

Some of the great people I met

People whom i spent da most time with in Perth

Me lookin nutty with Andrew

Me dressing as an aviator who just returned from war
in the 1920's themed party

More shots at Aarons farewell

Posing with Tina

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

- Star Wars -

Star Wars Saga which consists of 6 series , is one of the best ever created shown in the big screens. It was popular ever since the first movie came out in 1977. Im quite a fan of star wars and watched all 6 episodes of it, and for those of you who have no idea or little clue about it, this is a quick summary.

Episode I The Phantom Menace - Introduces Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Maul and Anakin Skywalker

Episode II Attack of The Clones - Introduces Count Dooku, Jango Fett, The Clone Army and Anakins first step to turning to the dark side.

Episode III Revenge of The Sith - Shows the fall of the Jedi , the rise of the Sith and Anakin turning to Darth Vader

Episode IV A New Hope - Introduces the rise of Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, the death os Obi-Wan and the destruction of the Death Star

Episode V The Empire Strikes Back - Shows the hidden shelter of Master Yoda, Introduces Boba Fett, Darth Vader exposes himself to Luke as his father

Episode VI Return of The Jedi - Shows the death of Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, an end to the Siths ruling again

Yea, i sound like some Starwars nerd lol. Anyway these are some of the funny videos i saw on Youtube about Starwars, you dont have to acquire big knowledge for Starwars to understand these for what i think. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Broken Strings

Yea, this song has been stucked in my head for many days, guess i shall just post the song here, its a song by JayChou. Last time I felt i had a connection to this song, my intuition was right. Yea this is a song for people in a broken relationship. It was only a few days ago since mine, so of course im still a lil emo here and there +]


斷了的弦 再怎麼連
duan le de xuan zai zen me lian
A broken string, how can it be reconnected?

我的感覺 妳已聽不見
wo de gan jue ni yi ting bu jian
My feelings, you already cannot hear

妳的轉變 像斷掉的線
ni de zhuan bian xiang duan diao de xian
Your changes are like a string that’s been broken

再怎麼接 音都不對
zai zen me jie yin dou bu dui
No matter how I adjust, the sound won’t be right

妳的改變 我能夠分辨
ni de gai bian wo neng gou fen bian
Your changes, I have the ability to distinguish


我沉默 妳的話也不多
wo chen mo ni de hua ye bu duo
I’m silent, you don’t have much to say either

我們之間少了什麼 不說
wo men zhi jian shao le shen me bu shuo
Between us, what are we missing? Let’s not say

哎喲 微笑後 表情終於有點難過
ai yo wei xiao hou biao qing zhong yu you dian nan guo
Aiyo…After smiling, my expression finally has a bit of sadness

wo zhe ni de shou
Holding your hand

wen ni jue ding le zai zou
Asked you for your final decision before I left

wo tu ran shi huai de xiao
I suddenly laughed with a relieved heart

xiao sheng pan xuan ban shan yao
The laughter circled around the middle of a mountain

sui feng zai piao yao a yao
Floated with the wind, swaying

lai dao ni de mian qian rao
Arrived before you, pacing back and forth

ni lei shui wang xia de diao
Your tears streamed down

shuo hui ji zhu wo de hao
Saying that you will remember my goodness

我也彎起了嘴角 笑
wo ye wan qi le zui jiao xiao
I also curled up the corners of my mouth, smiling

*妳的美 已經給了誰
ni de mei yi jing gei le shui
Your beauty has already been given to whom?

追了又追 我要不回
zhui le you zhui wo yao bu hui
Chasing and chasing again, I can’t get it back

我了解 離開樹的葉
wo liao jie li kai shu de ye
I understand that the leaves that have left the trees

屬於地上的世界 凋謝
shu yu di shang de shi jie diao xie
Belong to the world of the ground, withering


斷了的弦 再彈一遍
duan le de xuan zai tan yi bian
A broken string, playing once more

我的世界 妳不在裡面
wo de shi jie ni bu zai li mian
My world, you’re not in it

我的指尖 已經彈出繭
wo de zhi jian yi jing tan chu jian
My fingertips have already become calloused from the playing

還是無法 留妳在我身邊
hai shi wu fa liu ni zai wo shen bian
But still there’s no way for me to keep you by my side

斷了的弦 再怎麼連
duan le de xuan zai zen me lian
A broken string, how can it be reconnected

我的感覺 妳已聽不見
wo de gan jue ni yi ting bu jian
My feelings, you already cannot hear

妳的轉變 像斷掉的線
ni de zhuan bian xiang duan le de xian
Your changes are like a string that’s been broken

再怎麼接 音都不對
zai zen me jie yin dou bu dui
No matter how I adjust, the sound won’t be right

妳的改變 我能夠分辨
ni de gai bian wo neng gou fen bian
Your changes, I have the ability to distinguish

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Ever had someone in your life,

so deep in your heart,

did things which both of you won't do for anyone else,

shared the moments together,

the silly moments,

the fun moments,

the romantic moments,

the love moments,
the special moments,
Then there is the happiness ,
Just feels like flying everytime you are together,
Being so close to someone,
You will never let them go,

Feels like it will last forever,

Sweet memories together,
Feels like it was all a dream,

Never let them off your sight wherever you are in the world,

But what if something happens one day,
Everything turns around the way you never thought it would,
That person wants to let you go,
Forgets the moments,
Let it all off,
Doesnt feel your heart,
Your worst nightmare,
Never expected,
And everything you had together,
Just vanished in the air,
Memories like glass shattered into a thousand pieces,
To everyone who has someone very special in your heart,
If you really love that special someone,
Continue the cherished love,
But communication is the key,
Don't keep them in your heart if things are wrong,
As stacking it would someday enrage you to burst out like a bomb,
People aren't perfect,
We sometimes tend to forget about moments cherished after a long period,
Always remind each other,
To experience the moments again,
Do not let your cherished love slip away from your grasp,
Expect too much from a relationship and its a hazard,
Nothing lasts forever although sometimes you feel it will.
You were like blood in my veins,
Your name was engraved in my mind,
My love for you was blind,
You can see my flaws, but sadly you cant even accept your own flaws or even see them, guess this is the end for now,
Time will tell what happens between us in the future,
But for now, all is left is the ghost of you.
Goodbye having you in my life,
Goodbye to the good times with you,
Goodbye sweet lovely memories.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

True Friends

This post is a tribute to my best mates whom i known way back when we were all in high school, dated back since 3 to 4 years ago till now. These guys always have your back , are there for you when you are down in your worst, never gonna rip you off, have real good times together with you, trust your life on them, yea and they are true friends. Ever wonder about those friends around you, if they are just there for you only as a social group? If they are there around you just because you are popular or have a status, and once you lost your status they would turn their back away from you? True friends are hard to find, appreciate them always as they are a blessing given to you.
Kenyip, yea first year of knowing him, we both had interest in a same girl then and that we both wanna tear each other apart. Amazing that we hanged out so much the next year and that now i can literally give him a slap on the face just for fun without him retaliating lol

And theres Nick, this dude who was with me about girls and life during high school. Apparently i didnt like him much in the first year of knowing him, but soon i got used to all his nonsense and he wasnt so bad after all. Now we just hang out close to everywhere together when i was back in Malaysia. Nick, bet u gonna say "now i know" to me when u read this haha.

Yea tracy, funny though i known her since my first year of high school, but we werent so close back then. Back in high school i always turn to her and Xue Min bout problems and so on lols. She is currently in Singapore now for studies :(

Xue Min, or should i call you Charmaine now :p Had lots of disagreements and quarrels with her back in high school though haha. Well girls are complicated, not all of them xP
Always there to listen amongst us buddies if we have troubles and need someone to talk to vice versa. She would be coming to melbourne where i am next year i think

Then theres Angie, the girl in da middle obviously. Wasnt that close to her in high school, but after that through Tracy and Xuemin, we gotten close as she always hangs out with them too.
Sweet of her to give me a letter about our friendship before i left to aussie :)

Last but not least, Brian, the guy that connected all of us to best true friends while we were all in high school. He just went to London for studies though, sadly all of us are around the world now. Yea, we got pretty pissed at each other at times over the smallest things, but as true buddies we always end up forgiving each other and laugh about it. Hilarious guy, loves making up new lines or quotes in his social life.

me and trae

brotherly or gay love ? lols

Yea the good time where we drink and chill together , when i went back to Malaysia for the hols

Getting high, and wasted?

Why is Angie's face so red o.o

And there, the people whom know me from A to V ( close to Z ) We can bullshit bout each other and just laugh about it, yea just love them, miss you guys :)

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