Monday, November 24, 2008


November has been the most hectic month for me this year. Exams ended on the 3rd, flew to Perth on the 7th, came back to Melbourne on the 26th and flew back to Malaysia on the 28th. It has also been a month of great experience for me during my trip in Perth, as my social life there was far different than what I expected and was before.
It was all about Perth on November. It was my plan to fly there since the middle of this year. The main reasons was to visit friends whom I knew very well during gaming but not in real life
(Yes it sounds like something dodgy but i trust these guys 99.9% that they wont turn out to be weirdos as i have their msn, facebook etc)

My first night was pretty welcoming. Andrew, Aaron and Chuen Yang waited and took me off from the airport after arriving. Had supper after, and met many new faces, whom im gonna spend my time with for the next few week. Drinking session at Manzy's was after supper, and her place had Mexican Tequila with a dead scorpion in the bottle. Nasty !
Spent the first 3 nights in manzy's house, accompanying her with chats and dota games. Had a great feast made by her housemate + her before the day she left to Brunei,
that feast was Leg of Lamb, mashed potatoes, juicy lettuces and some meatballs from Subway............ Yummy @.@

The people i spent my time with and met in Perth are mostly all Christians, and so i spent nearly everyday helping them in an activity called Student Bless. I crashed in Aarons house for the first week after sleeping in Manzy's, with a luxury of internet at his place :D
Chuens place was where i slept in the 2nd week with no internet :( Had fun adapting with it though, Then back at Aarons place again during the 3rd week.
I was brought around to a few places in Perth to visit in the first 2 weeks, while on the 3rd week is where the real fun began as some of my friends still had exams during the first 2 weeks after my arrival.
Paintball, ice-skating, rock climbing, and 2 brithday parties for the 3rd week, Hell lotsa fun!

I was disappointed though by someone whom i thought would be friendly and welcoming towards me, instead I was treated with hostility by this person. Signs of a cold look and a lack of speech towards me brought to my mind that this person has something against me. Well, he may feel threaten or uneasy for reasons only his mind would know. Though he was well-liked among people in that social group, his sole hostility towards me means something is very wrong with this person, as he could actually showed this defective attitude. He maybe a vile heart on the inside after all, judging from that behavior & my experience though i may not know him that well, which i thought i did. This person had a deep faith and always prayed to God, but it doesn't mean he is a good being. I believe no matter how holy or how much one believes in God, it doesn't mean that person is honest or sincere as mortals have the ability to decay, misinterpret teachings & behave the way they were influenced. Never had i such disappointment in a person i thought i knew. Thank the Lord for showing me what abhorrent beings i could meet in life.

Thats just one insignificant person.

I was happy for the hospitality and time some of these guys spent with me. Thanks Aaron, Chuen Yang and Jon for letting me stay over your place. Another thank you for Aaron and Jon for using their time to fetch and drive me around. Thanks YuMin for open-heartedly fetching me to the airport. Andrew, great to see you, but spent little time with you as u are always busy with studies, miss u buddy =(
Sorry Rylan, Skjon and Weisheng coz i cldnt meet up with u guys while i was there. We shall another time =)

& Here are some pics of my time in Perth:

All da way to da top

More rock climbing

Aarons 2oth birthday & farewell party

Amy & i

Some of the great people I met

People whom i spent da most time with in Perth

Me lookin nutty with Andrew

Me dressing as an aviator who just returned from war
in the 1920's themed party

More shots at Aarons farewell

Posing with Tina

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