Thursday, February 19, 2009


Valentines day
- special occasion where a dating spree occurs nationwide
- one of the "troublesome" 4 days in a year where guy must plan something for her
- guy just forks out cash on a costly meal for two + gift
- guy may put in a 24hour brainstorm on how to melt her heart with some handmade gift, self
made meal or take her to some place out of this world

Well, based on my experience, that's how it is. For the past many years, occupied valentines until now, in that case noone in my mind/life for now, which this valentines turns out pretty much to be a very relaxing one =)

Spent the day with 2 of my many best mates and some friends , chilling out in Sunway Pyramid by watching Eden Lake, eating eating and more eating. We ended the day with a dinner for three at Sushi Groove.

Apparently these seems to be the only pics taken on that day ( Angie i think u had some with u too )

Me, da usual food monster

leave me alone with my food =.=

Partners in Crime

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